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Karaikkudi is an amazing place in the Sivagangai District. It is one of the biggest municipalities in the district. It plays an integral role in the Chettinad Region. The place is extremely famous for its rich Chettiars. The Chettiars form a well educated community with lots of cultures and traditions. Moreover, they are fervent travelers. The Chettinad town is surrounded by many tourist destinations. Within a radius of 100km, you will find many historic sites. Here is a quick list of many famous weekend getaways near the Chettinad Town.


Thiruvattar is located 30 km from Kariakkudi. It is a perfect place for history lovers and Hindu devotees. The holy land and divine town is present in the Kanyakumari district. It plays an important role in the list of 108 devasams. A very important attraction in Thiruvattar would be The Sri Adaikesavaperumal Temple, St James Church and Udayagiri Fort. Apart from its temples, the place is known for its eye catchy greenery. It is located close to the Kothai and Pahrali rivers.

Weekend getaways from Karaikkudi

Distance from Karaikkudi
: 30Km
Time to Reach : 40min
How to reach : Since the place is extremely famous for hindu pilgrims, it is well connected through road and rail.
Time to Visit : The town will seem divine during winter. It is wise to avoid the months of Summer.


This is another mystical land that is close to Karaikkudi. The place is around 34 km from Karaikkudi. It is a very famous destination for pilgrims. Hindu devotees flock towards Suchindram for its Thanumalayam temple. This is a very old temple with powerful gods. Two important festivals in the town would include Chiththirai and Markazhi. People from many near by places visit the town during these festivals. Few other important temples in the town would be the Munuthitanankai Temples, Sree Bhoothathanmaad Menaski Amman temple, Dwarka Krishna temple and Asramman Ausuya.

Distance from Karaikkudi : 34Km
Time to Reach : 40min
How to reach : The nearest airport to Suchindram is located in Thrivanthapuram. Also, people can board direct buses from Karaikkudi to Suchindram.
Time to Visit : The town’s weather is fine at all times except for the months of summer.


This is another amazing weekend getaway from Karaikkudi. The place is well known for its nine Navagraha Sthalas. It is exceptionally famous for the Sri Abathsahayeswarar Temple, which is dedicated to celebrate the Planet Jupiter. Alangudi is an ideal consign for history lovers and fervent Hindu Devotees. It is a place for the Sun Gods, Mercury and Moons.

Places near Karaikkudi

Distance from Karaikkudi
: 61Km
Time to Reach : 1 hr 20min
How to reach : People from Karaikkudi should drive towards Kumbakonam and then move towards Alangudi. This route will help them cover many sites with historical significance.
Time to Visit : The town is best visited during summer.


People who visit Karaikkudi must pay a visit to Srirangam. This town has many enchanting features. The place was known as Vellithirumuthagramam during historical times. The town is known for the River Kollidam and Kaveri. These are two important rivers that are admired and praised by Hindu devotees. A very important temple in Srirangam would be the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple. Additionally, people who visit Srirangam must travel to the Rockfort temple, Appukudaththan Temple and Jambu Lingeshwarar.


Distance from Karaikkudi
: 102Km
Time to Reach : 2hr 34min
How to reach : The town has a railway station. There are daily trains to Srirangam from Karaikkudi. Additionally, people can reach the town by bus and car.
Time to Visit : The town has very hot summers and heavy showers. Thus, tourists should avoid the months of April and May.


This is a perfect weekend getaway for people who are looking a quite and serene place to stay. The place is located close to Srirangam. It is a part of the Srirangam Island. The town is a pilgrimage destination for Hindu devotees. The River Kaveri is located to the north of Thiruvanaikaval. The place is a small town with famous people like Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman.

Weekend Trips from Karaikkudi

Distance from Karaikkudi
: 102Km
Time to Reach : 2 hr 40min
How to reach : Thiruvanaikaval can be reached through road, air and rail.
Time to Visit : The town is best visited between the months October and February. These months have pleasant weathers and bearable temperatures.


This is a small village that is located 8km from Karaikkudi. The place is well known for its fertile soil and beautiful atmosphere. The amazing soil converts into high quality tiles. Similarly, Athangudi glass is extremely famous. The glass and tiles are handmade by the locals. People who visit Karaikkudi, should spend few hours in Athangudi. This is because there is no place to produce tiles, with a blend of modern features and traditional colors. The handmade teracotta tiles can also be bought for very cheap prices.

athangudi near Karaikudi

Distance from Karaikudi : 8 km
Historical Significance : The village is more than 200 years old.
Hotels Near Athangudi : The place has two famous hotels, namely the Chettinadu Court and Chettinad Mansion, which are located in the vicinity.
How to reach Athangudi : The village is connected with Karaikkudi through Bus. People, who visit Karaikkudi by train must drive towards Athangudi.


This is another sensational town located 16km from Karaikkudi. The place is extremely famous for its Karpaga Vinayakar Temple. It is a nine clan temple, which is several decades old. The temple features a six feet vinayaka statue that is exceptionally famous for its exquisite stone sculpturing and architecture. The place acquires its name due to this temple. Where Pillaiyar is another word for “Vinayaka”. People who visit Pillaiyarpatti must step into this ancient temple.

Distance from Karaikkudi : 16km
Historical Significance : The village is more than 1000 years old. It’s first Temple was built in 1028.
Hotels Near Pillayarpatti: The does not offer many luxury hotels. However, visitors can stay in Karaikkudi and drive towards Pillayarpatti
How to reach Pillayarpatti : The Karaikudi old and new bus stand has many buses to Pillayarpatti. Moreover, driving to the town from other cities like Trichy is very easy.


This is a very special place near Karaikkudi. Tourists flock towards Devakkottai for its amazing chicken. It is the second largest place near Karaikkudi. Most of Devakkotai is surrounded by old Chettinad Mansions and Palaces. The Periya Minor’s House in Devakkotai is a must-visit. The house is made of Italian floor tiles, Spanish roves and pillars that are carved beautifully. The place is 18km from Karaikkudi. People consider Devakkotai as the fortress of a Goddess. It belongs to a god called Kottaiamman (which means fort).


Distance from Karaikkudi : 18km
Historical Significance : The village is 68 years old. The town’s Nagar Sivan Kovil was built 68 years ago.
Hotels Near Devakottai: You will find many 3-star hotels in Devakottai. These hotels delight potential visitors with a starting tariff of Rs. 650.
How to reach Pillayarpatti : Devakottai is well connected with Karaikudi through frequent bus services. The Nearest railway station to Devakottai is located in Karaikkudi, which is 10km away from the heart of the city.


The town of Chettinad is also known as Kanadukaathan. The place is regarded as Karaikkudi’s pride. It is filled with many Chettinad mansions and palaces. Moreover, Chettinad has a museum, next to the Raja’s main palace. People who visit Chettinad will remain awestruck with its unique and traditional textiles, jewelry, antique household items and lifestyle. Its culture and traditional festivals will blow you off your feet. Chettinad is a place that showcases the life of rich Chettiars. It is a very big and major attraction in Karaikkudi.

Distance from Karaikkudi : 15km
Historical Significance : The place is more than 100 years old. It was built and maintained by the Chettiars.
Hotels Near Chettinad: Chettinad is famous for its luxurious hotels. This en covers over big names like The Bangala, Chettinad Court- Deshadan Resorts, Visalam and Chidambara Vilas.
How to reach Chettinad: You can reach Chettinad by Rail, Bus and Car. The place is well connected with Karaikudi.

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