Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple

Ariyakudi is a small village that is extremely close to Karaikudi. The place is located 3 km from Karaikudi Railway Station. It is well known for its amazing temples and breath taking festivals. Patrons who visit Ariyakudi tend to admire its very old Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple. The Temple is more than 400 years old. It is one of the biggest Perumal Temples in the entire Chettinad Region. The temple has special festivals around the year. This makes it a very unique tourist spot.

Special Features of the Ariyakudi Temple

History states that Sevukan Chettiyar, a very famous personality in the line of Chettiars, used to walk in the Ariyakudi Thiru VenkatamudThiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Templeayan Perumal Temple. One day, she heard an invisible voice declaring that Sevukan's devoted nature has pleased heavens above. The voice directed Sevukan to Srirangam, where he collected an idol of Abhisheka Murthy and came back to Ariyakudi. Here Sevukan built a huge gopuram with seperate sannidhis for Alarmel Mangai Thaayar and Ramanuja. It is quite interesting to note that the idol is from Srirangam, the Agni is from Thirukoshityur and the Shatari is from Tirupathi. As you walk through the temple, you will see an idol of Sevukan Chettiyar. The idol is placed in one of the main pillars, right inside the first prakara. There are many herbal paintings inside the splendid temple. Each of these paintings spread a wave of freshness and uniqueness.

Festivals in Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple

The temple features a 14 day Brahmatsavam during the time of Vaikasi. This includes a Chariot Festival and special Theppotsavam. During Chitrai a Thirumanjana is conducted in the Temple. The very first day of Chitrai is adorned by a Swarna Garuda Vahana Procession. Every year, the Puratasi month is celebrated with the Puratasi Thirvonam Festival. The event is blessed by three desams at the Dasavathara Mandapa.

Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple

Hotels near Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple

Thappa Garden Hotel
Address : 687, Main Road, Ariyakudi Village, Karaikudi 630 202,
Phone : +91 4565 221 777
Price : Starts from Rs. 4256
Distance : 3 km from Karaikudi
Open Timings : Mornings from 7.30 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

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