Things To Do in Karaikkudi

Thinking of visiting one of the richest places of Tamil Nadu? Then, plan a Chettinad Heritage Tour in Karaikudi that will leave you awestruck! Places like Devakottai, Karaikkudi, Athangudi and Kandukathan are important places in the rich Chettinad Region which should be a must in the itinerary. The place is extremely famous for its temples, cuisine and mansions.

Places in Karaikudi

Stay in Style

When you visit Karaikkudi, you should opt to stay in a luxury villa like the Chidambara Villas. There is so much to do and seen in these villas. As you walk through these glorious buildings, you will come across a front door in two opposite directions. These doors will guide you to two different streets. These villas will transport you to a world never traversed before.

Eating Out in Karaikkudi

Food in KaraikudiKaraikkudi is a safe haven for food lovers. Chettinad, a world famous cuisine originated from Karaikkudi. History believes that Chettiars ate like a King. Hence, when you visit Karaikkudi don't forget to enjoy its exquisite cuisine. The taste and tang in Chettiar breakfast cannot be witnessed anywhere else. Karaikkudi has a grand collection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian hotels. From hot idlis to long dosas, you will find many rice-based dishes in these hotels. Conclude your breakfast with Achi's strong filter coffee. This will prepare you for the entire day. Moving on, remember to stop by Devakkotai restaurants. These non-vegetarian restaurants in Karaikkudi have the world's finest chicken dishes. For more information on food in Karaikkudi, click here

The Divine Experience of Karaikkudi Culture

Temples in Karaikkudi are very old. The Nine Nagarathar Temples in the city must be visited. Similarly, the Thiru Venkatamudayan Temple is extremely famous for its morning poojas. A bath in the Temple lake will rejuvenate new life into your soul. Also, don't forget to get hold of the temple's prasadam. Another interesting temple that is 15 min from Karaikkudi, is the Kandukathan Temple. The Kandukathan Temple is regarded as a cultural feast. Close to the Karaikkudi market is the very old Ayyanar temple. The temple is for a Hindu village God called Ayyanar. Locals consider him as a protector. The temple is surrounded by painted clay horses. Outside the temple you will see many worship altars. When compared against rich Hindu traditions, the Ayyanar temple is very simple and calm. Your trip to Karaikudi will remain incomplete without a visit to the following temples: Kunnakudi Murugan Temple, Thiru Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple and Karpaga Vinayagar Temple.

Places to Visit in Karaikkudi

The Chettiar's mansions and palaces in Karaikkudi are extremely famous. These houses were build several centuries ago. Some of the oldest houses were built during early 1800s. As you walk through these houses, you will get a glimpse of the royal life lead by The Chettiars. You will definitely spend an hour or two in these huge palaces. Don't forget to take into account the Victorian furniture, Belgian mirrors, Gothic Domes, Teak wood carvings and Spanish Grills in these homes. If you are an adventurous traveller, in love with history and literature, you should visit the Gandhi Square. The Gandhi Square is known for its historic speeches. If time permits, you should visit Madurai, Trichy and Palani. These are very big cities close to Karaikkudi. Madurai and Palani have historical temples that are famous for its splendor and magnificence. Click here for more information on tourism in Karaikkudi

Temple in Karaikudi

Shopping in Chettinad

Shopping would begin in Athangudi and try to carry home at least two different types of Athangudi Tiles. These tiles will definitely remind you of the splendor you saw in Karaikkudi. Now, its time to visit the Karaikkudi market. The local market is a wonderful place will fresh items. Morning or Evening, you will find fresh items in the Karaikkudi stalls. You will find tomatoes, chillis and bananas at very low rates. Meanwhile, don't forget to buy fresh jasmine flowers! Also, don't forget to visit Karaikkudi's antique market. These markets are filled with many small shops. These shops have antique items that are several centuries old! You will find antique products from a starting price of Rs. 250 to a lumping value of Rs. 50,000.

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