Temples in Karaikudi

Temples in karaikudiIn Karaikudi, culture and heritage plays a major role. Fervent tourists believe that tradition, culture and historic values fall hand in hand! The city prospers with indispensable beauty and traditional activities. If you wish to see a disciplined community, you should meet the "Chettiars". They are extremely famous for their calm, composed and spiritual backgrounds. Karaikudi has huge temples, which were once managed by the Chettiars. Today the Archeological Survey of India takes care of these historical temples.

Murugan Temple in Kundrakudi

Kundrakudi is just 3km from the heart of Karaikudi. Kundrakudi is extremely famous for its Murugan Temple. The temple is located on the hillock of Kundrakudi. It was built 1000 years ago. When you travel between Karaikudi and Pillayair Patti, you will see this temple. The temple has steps that are cut into a rock itself. You should be prepared to climb several steps, before you reach the temple atop. Average climbers would take around 10 minutes to reach the Murugan Temple's Apex.

Ariyakudi Temple in Karaikudi

Just 5 km from Karaikudi is Ariyakudi. Venkatchalapathi koil is Ariyakudi's biggest and famous Temple. Temples in KaraikkudiIt was once known as  Thiruvenkadamudayian. No one knows the exact history of Thiruvenkadamudayian. However, locals believe that the Temple is extremely old. One would fall in love with the gold covered  Thiruvenkadamudayian statues, during these festivals. 

Pillaiyarpatti Karpagavinayagar Temple in Karaikudi

Located around 13 km from Karaikudi is Pillaiyarpatti. The place is regarded as the heart of Chettinad. It is well known for its Pillaiyar Temple. It is another rock cut temple in Karaikudi. The main sanctum is present inside a cave. The temple is more than 1600 years old. Every year, the Chettiars give a very big portion of their incomes to this deity. The temple is well maintained and cleaned regularly. It has a huge idol of Vinayagar, which measures more than 5 feet in height. The eye-catchy temple has a huge tank in front of it. Vinayaga Chathurthi is a very famous festival in this temple. Additionally, the temple is extremely busy on April 1st. According to the locals, April 1st is the beginning of their business year.

Golden Vairavar Temple in Karaikudi

Pillaiyarpatti Karpagavinayagar Temple in Karaikudi

At a distance of 2 km from Pillaiyarpati is Vairavar Temple. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Vairavar. The temple is beautifully decorated with gold. Locals believe tat the golden kavacham is around 1000 sovererigns. This makes Vairavar a very costly temple. The holy place has special shrines for other gods like Siva. It is a small but multi-colored temple, with lots of activities.

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