Shopping in Karaikudi

The rich and colorful markets in Karaikudi trace back to the Chettiar Community of Tamil Nadu. Some of Chettiar's markets in Karaikkudi are larger than life. They have being handed down from several generations. The markets are usually mansions with Japanese Tiles, Belgian glass or Italian marbles and you will find huge ornate sculptures and pillars of teak everywhere in the city. Even as Chettiars left the city, their antique products, which once filled homes has landed in beautiful shops. These shops in Karaikudi form the traditional antique market. As you walk through these markets, you will see a dusty and decaying world of the past. The antique market in Karaikudi is alive and colourful, but it tells you a bit about the lifestyle of the Chettiar community.

Anitique shops in Karaikudi

A secret alley in Karaikudi has several shops lined up with antique products from the Muneshwara Temple, which is several years old. Around the Muneeswaran temple, there is a lane, with nearly 25 shops selling antique items like furniture, jewelry, cookwares, photos, paintings and clocks. Though each shop does not have a unique collection, you will notice a remarkable price difference. From lamps to mirrors, glass to paintings, vessels to artefacts, lampshades to burma teak wood carvings , you will find priceless products in these shops. These ornaments are often decked with flowers to invite enthusiastic visitors. Also, remember that you will find priceless brassware from Chettinad Mansions for sale in these antique markets.

Shopping in Karaikudi

Products in Karaikudi's antique shops are brought from nearby villages. Very rarely will you find a go-down, filled with similar varieties. History states that some of these antiques have originated from distant countries like Sweden, Japan, Austria, Germany, England and Czechoslovakia. When you are in a Karaikudi market, you will not be able to decide what to buy and what not to buy. However, remember that the prices would be high, and you will not see anything below Rs. 100. Bargaining in Karaikudi is tough because sellers know the value of their collections. Nevertheless, patrons who buy in bulk will get good discounts. For instance, crockeries in these markets that are used 50-200 years ago have a price range that varies from Rs 200-7000 or even more. When you buy in bulk you will certainly receive a discount of 40%!

Saree Market in Karaikudi

Karaikudi Saree Shops

Karaikudi  is extremely famous for its unique collection of Chettinad cotton saris. As you step into the city's saree markets, you can buy a customized saree! You can watch your saree being made! This is certainly a unique experience, not seen anywhere else. As you shop for these saris, you will find sarees that start from a price of Rs. 250. As the work in each saree increases, you will be asked to pay a bigger amount.

Tile Market in Karaikudi

Karaikkudi Tiles

Karaikudi is a great place to buy tiles. Just like the saree market, you can see your tiles being made right in front of you! You can watch local artisans make and then decorate the sun-baked sand tiles. These are very popular tiles that are transported all over India. As you visit Karaikudi, don't forget to carry two different Athangudi Tiles!

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