Pillaiyarpatti is a beautiful historical town near Karaikkudi. The place is well known for its Nagarathar clan. The educated clan has built so many temples in and around Pillaiyarpatti. The town is just 12 km from Karaikkudi. It attracts more than several thousand visitors every month. A large number of people flock towards Pillaiyarpatti for its historic temples. These temples are known for its healing powers and peaceful ambience.

Historical Significance of Pillaiyarpatti

The village is famous for its hindu deities. With so many temples, Pillaiyarpatti is a land like no other. The village acquires its name from a famous temple. Locally, Pillaiyarpatti means "Vinayakar Village", where Pillaiyar means "Vinayakar alias Lord Ganesh" and patti means "village". Patrons in and around the town consider it as a Vinayakar town.

The Karpaga Vinayagar temple in Pillaiyarpatti is several centuries old. The temple is cut on a rock by splendid South Indian sculptors. The Temple has statues that date back to the early 5th AD. This makes Pillaiyarpatti a very old village. History states that the temple's rajagopuram in the eastern entrance has five storeys. Made of rich teracotta and stone sculptures, the temple is decorated with pure bronze that was founded during early 10th century.

How to Reach Pillaiyarpatti

By Rail : The Karaikkudi railway station is 12 km from Pillaiyarpatti. Patrons, who visit Karaikkudi by rail should drive towards Pillaiyarpatti.
By Road : Many buses drive towards Pillaiyarpatti from Karaikkudi's old bus stand. These buses charge a nominal fare of Rs. 6 per adult.

Hotels Near Pillaiyarpatti

Hotel Naveen Inn
Address : Sankarapathy Nagar, Amaravathi pudhur, Karaikudi
Phone : +91 73 73 736390
Distance : Around 3 km
Price : Starts from Rs. 933 to Rs. 2000

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