Nagarathar Temples in Karaikkudi

Karaikkudi is an amazing city with sensational temples and monuments. The city is famous for its breath taking architecture. Karaikkudi's Nagarathar Temples are extremely popular. Nagarathar is a special caste in Chettinad alias Karaikkudi. Locally, the Nagathars are also known as Nattukotai Chettiars. These temples are located in and around the city.

Nagarathar Temples in Karaikkudi

Illayathangudi Kovil

Illayathangudi Kovil is a very old Nagathar temple located 25 Km from the Heritage city. It is located on the road between Kundrakudi and Karaikudi. As you pass this Kovil, you will cross Avinipatti, Nemam and Keelasivalpatti. The Kovil is famous for its Lord Kailasanathar and his wife Nithiyakalyani. The temple is broken into seven different segments. This includes the Sirusethur-udaiyar, Okkoor-udaiyar, Perasendur-udaiyar, Pattinasamiyar, Kinginikur-udaiyar, Kalanivasal-kudiyar, and Perumarudur-udaiyar.

Illyatarangudi Kovil
Arulmigu kaialasanadar-nithyakalyani kovil
Illyatarangudi-630205 via kilachevelpatti
Sivangangai dist

Mathur Kovil

Another important temple in the list of Nagarathar Temple would be the Mathur Kovil. The special temple is 5 km from Chettinad. The Mathur Kovil is few minutes from Illuppaikudi. The deity worshipped inn this temple is Lord Ainnootreesar and his wife Periya Nayaki. The temple is broken into seven segments. This includes Kulathur, Uraiyur, Karuppur, Arurrlbakkur, Mannur, Manalur and Kannur.

Arulmigu Inotreeswar-periyanayaki Kovil
Sivangangai dist

Vairavan Kovil

The next is the Vairavan Kovil. The temple is located on the Madurai to Karaikkudi road. The temple is 15 Km from Karaikkudi. It's main deity is Lord Valaroli Nathar. The temple has a huge Vadivudai Ammai statue. The temple is broken into three major parts. This includes the Maruthenthirapuram-udaiyar, Kalanivasal-udaiyar and Sirukulathur-udaiyar. The Kovil stands against intra-temple marriages.

Vairavan Kovil
Arulmigu valarolinadar-vadivudamaai kovil
Vairavanpatti via sirugudalpatti
Sivangangai dist

Nagarathar temples

Iraniyur Kovil

Another Nagarathar temple in Karaikkudi is the Iraniyur Kovil. The splendid temple is present 25 Km from the heritage city. It is located on the Pillaiyarpatti road close to Keelasivalpatti. The temple's major deity is Lord Aatkonda Nathar though it is also known for its consort Sivapuram Devi. 

Arulmigu Aatkondanadaswamy
Sivapuranthevi kovil
Iraniyur-630205 via kilachevelpatti
Sivangangai dist

Pillaiyarpatti Kovil

The list of Nagarathar temples would remain incomplete without Pillaiyarpatti Kovil. The temple is located 12 KM from Chettinad. It is lies on the Madurai road. The Temple is known for its Lord Thiruveesar. The temple's goddess is Vadamalar Mangai alias Sivakamavalli.

Arulmigu karpagavinayakar-thiruveshar-sivakamavalli kovil
sivangangai dist
ph-04577-264240, 04577-264241

Nemam Kovil

Nemam Kovil is another important Nagarathar Temple. The temple is located 12 km from Kovilur and Karaikkudi. It is in close proximity to Kundrakudi, Kovilur and Parakkudi. Lord Jeyangonda Choleesar is an important deity in Neman Kovil. The temple's goddess is Soundara Nayaki.

Arulmigu jeyankondasoleswar-
Soundaranayaki kovil
Nemam-630206 via kudrakudi
Sivangangai dist

Illupaikudi Kovil

Another Nagarathar Temple that is 5 Km from Karaikkudi is Illupaikudi Kovil. As you drive through the Mathur temple, you will spot the Illupaikudi Kovil. The leading deity in this temple is Lord Thaan Thondriyeesar. The temple's goddess is Soundara Nayaki.

Arulmigu suyamprakaswarar
Soundaranayaki kovil
Sivangangai dist

Sooraikudi Kovil

Next in line is Sooraikudi Kovil. It is around 10 km from Chettinad. The temple is located on the Kanadukathaan Road. It is in close proximity to Chettinad Railway Station. Lord Desika Nathar is the temple's main deity. Whereas, aavudaiya Nayaki is its female deity.

Arulmigu desiganadaswamy-avudainayaki kovil poovandipatti alias
surakkudi-630102 via chettinad
sivangangai dist

Velankudi Kovil

The list of Nagathar temples closes with Velankudi Kovil. The place is present 10 Km from Karaikkudi. Lord Sandeeswarar is the temple's main deity. Kamakshi Ammai is another presiding deity of the temple.

Arulmigu sandikesavar-kamatchiyammai Kovil
Velangudi-630106 via Kottaiyur

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