Lifestyle in Karaikudi

Karaikudi which is the official Chettinad Region of South India, is a clear picture of the past. It is home to marvellous heritage and indispensable cultures.The sensational buildings in Karaikkudi are a treat to your eyes! These building prove the rich lifestyle of the Chettiars. Chettiars used the magnificent buildings to prove their architectural brilliance. These creations cannot be replicated by anyone. May it be their buildings, way of praise and worship, dressing, cooking or even talking, Chettiars are true picture of royalty.

Lifestyle of Chettiars

People of Karaikudi

Karaikudi comprises of people from each and every corner of the country. The city is home to a multilingual population. Apart from this, the city has tourists from in and around the nation. Due to its enthralling tourist industry, people of Karaikudi are extremely friendly and polite. They have the heart and experience to invite people with a warm smile. The people of Karaikudi tend to celebrate festivals with a pinch of lavishness and grandeur. The social gatherings are celebrated by everyone in the city! May it be Koppudaiya Nayagi Amman kovil Therthiruvizha, Diwali, Ramzan or Christmas, the patrons of Karikudi tend to celebrate the feasts with blissfulness and loads of energy.

Boutiques in Karaikudi

Karaikudi is known for its quaint streets with many antique shops featuring: royal wardrobes, rich chests, old beds, priceless mirrors, wooden chairs, carved tables, silver crockery and anything with a touch of 100 years. People with enthusiasm in antiques will remain awestruck and feel lost in these streets. Also, the city has boutiques with sensational handloom Chettinad Saris. These saris start at a nominal price of Rs. 250. In these boutiques it’s possible to see local weavers at work and purchase stunning Chettinad cotton fabrics at very reasonable prices.

Lifestyle of Karaikkudi

Healthy Lifestyles in Karaikudi

The anitique city has a natural and unique way of life. It appreciates old recipes for a beautiful tomorrow. You will find many spas with traditional beauty treatments. Most of the people in Karaikudi, believe in organic and herbal products. Thus, you can rejuvenate new life into your skin, through these herbal treatments. The Karaikudi Chettinad Herbal products are extremely famous. These products are made using formulas that are several thousand years old! You will find these herbal products in Karaikudi's Tradional spas, Ayruvedic Spas and Beauty Salons.

Karikudi is an amazing city with lots of space for culture and traditions. The place flaunts a clean look. This attributes to its disciplined Chettiars. The people believe in greenery and natural beauty. They lead a calm and quiet lifestyle, that does not comprise of the busy city's noise and pollution. Hence, in Karaikudi you will sense an air of freshness and purity.

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