Historical Monuments in Karaikkudi

Karaikudi is a place of significance and historical values. It is visited by several thousand people every year! From gardens to forts, museums to palaces, the town has many indispensable artifacts. The list of must-visit places in Karaikudi will remain incomplete without Gandhi Square.

Gandhi Square in Karaikudi

Historical Monuments in KaraikudiGandhi Square is located in the town of Karaikudi at Maharnonbu Pottal. Many celebrities and personalities have made sensational speeches in this square. History states that the Square was used by famous personalities during 1906. A well known poet called Subramanya Bharti has written and praised the architecture of Chettiars from this Square. He used the Gandhi Square to appreciate their tremendous work, towards the growth of Karaikudi. He sang a beautiful poem in front of the Gandhi Square. A photograph of this incident is regarded as a priceless collection in the list of India's historical moments. Later, Mahatma Gandhi visited Karaikudi in 1827. He delivered two inspirational speeches in this Square. Later on, the Square was named after the Father of India. Jawharlal Nehru also visited Karaikudi during 1948. Her opened the center of CECRI and made a great speech in this Square.

Nattarasankottai in Karaikudi

Nattarasankottai in Karaikudi

The Nattarasankottai is famous for its "Nagarathars". The place was extremely famous for its Kannathal Temple. It is believed to be the first place for ancient and historic artifacts. Nattarasankottai has a history that dates back to the early 17th century. The famous temple in Nattarasankottai was built during 18th century. The deity, Kannathal has the ability to confer patrons with their lost eye sight. She is known for her eight hands and a striking instrument called Udukkai. Myths state that Kannathal received her powers from Shiva. Vaikasi Visakam festival is famous near Nattarasankottai. The festival is celebrated for 10 days.

Kambar Tomb

Historical site in KaraikudiIf you are in Tamil Nadu and have read Ramayana then you will definitely know about the great poet Kambar. He is known as Kambaramayanam. Unknown to many tourists, Kambar's tomb is in Nattarasankottai. The tomb is tucked away in a tiny village of Nattaraasan kottai which has a small shrine inside.  There is also a shrine for Anjaneya and the path leading to the shrine is lined with plants, shrubs and small trees with medicinal properties. Some of these plants serve as antidotes for snake venom.

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