Healthcare in Karaikudi

Hospitals in Karaikkudi Karaikudi's health sector is controlled by the Municipal Health Officer. Crucial issues in the city's health department are diverted towards the Karaikudi Municipality. The Health Officer looks after the prevention of Food Adulteration, conservatory work, sweeping streets, maintenance of drainage, controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death Registration, issuing certificates for the registration.The sanitary supervisors, inspector and workers are handled by the Municipal Health Officer.

Karaikudi Government Hospital

The Karaikudi Government Hospital is a well maintained hospital that comprises of a Dental, Orthopaedic, Maternity, Eye and General wing. The healthcare professionals strive hard to meet up with International Standards. The hospital is located conveniently near the heart of Karaikudi. Moreover, the medical services offered by the Karaikudi Government Hospital are reasonably priced. This is a mighty feature that helps workers, with average and very low incomes.

Karaikudi Government Hospital
Address:   Railway Feeder Road, Shivagangai, Karaikudi- 630001
Landmark:  Near Karaikudi Bus Stand
Phone:  (04565) 221782, (04565) 220183

Private Hospitals in Karaikudi

Eye care hospital in KaraikkudiFor those who require immediate services from private, foreign doctors, Karaikudi has a handful collection of private hospitals. These hospitals are famous for its treatments and medical routines. Apollo has a very big establishment in Karaikudi. Apollo Reach Hospitals, was inaugurated on 26 December, 2011. Apollo Reach Hospitals revolve around Apollo's vision & mission to provide high quality, flawless healthcare assistance in every nuke and corner of the country. The hospital offers world class facilities and services. Similarly, Vasan Healthcare Group opened their 100th hospital, which specializes in eye care at the heart of Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh inaugurated the 100th Vasan Eye Care hospital. The Vasan Eye care hospital at Karaikudi can be accessed easily by the city's locals and people from the surrounding villages.

Apollo Reach Hospitals
Madurai Road, Managiri, Karaikudi, 630307
Contact - 04565-235588,

Vasan Eye Care
No:-16, Sukkanendhal Village, Managiri, Karaikudi – 630 307.
Phone : 04565 - 398900
Consultation Timings:
Week Days : 09.00am - 06.00pm
Sundays : 09.00am - 01.00pm

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