Geography of Karaikudi

Geography of Karaikudi Karaikudi an ancient city is located in the Sivagangai District and runs through the Trichy-Rameswaram Highway. Previously, Karaikudi was a very small village in the Ramanathapuram District. In 1928 it was announced as a Grade 3 Municipality, while in 1973 it became a Grade 2 Municipality and in 1988 its was declared as a Selection Grade Municipality! Today, Karaikudi is a Special Grade Municipality. With an area of 13, the city is made of different villages, which contribute to the revenue of the city. The major revenue villages in Karaikudi are Kalanivasal, Sekkalai kottai, Elappakudi Area, Ariyakudi Area and Senjai.

The city is located at 10.07°N 78.78°E, with an elevation of 269ft. Geographically, Karaikudi has a flat terrain with rocky surroundings. The intensity of these rocks would be extremely high towards the Western sides of Karaikudi. Also, Karaikudi's red hard soil does not support agricultural cultivations. This makes the place apt for tile production. Moreover, the city's water table is within a depth of 3 to 6 feet. During rainy seasons the water level rises to nearly 1m below the ground level. Locally known as "Semponootru" or "Sembaiyootru", these springs produce water for Karaikudi. With an average rainfall of 920mm, Karaikudi relies on deep aquifers for its water needs.  Karaikudi has 64 Villages and there are many places to see around in the radius of 20 km of the village.


Climate in Karaikudi

Karaikudi a great climate throughout the year. Usually, March to May are warm and hot with the maximum temperature hitting 37°C. If you are ought to visit Karaikudi, it is wise to avoid the months of April and May. Monsoons would begin from August and last till September. During this time, the atmosphere is wet, humid and very cool. It is a comfortable but soggy climate. Winters in Karaikudi are always pleasant. The months from December to February flaunts winter, with a temperature band of 20 degree Celcius. This is the best time to visit Karaikudi. Sight seeing and visits to archeological places is best done during October and September.

Rivers in Karaikudi

A river called Thean Aaru runs along Karaikudi. The river acquired its name, since its water tastes like honey. The Thean Aaru river flows along the West South-East direction. It is more towards the southern end of Karaikudi. The river supplies water to many ponds and tanks. Moreover, the Sambai Oottru is located near the Theanaaru.

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