Food in Karaikudi

Karaikudi is extremely famous for its spicy dishes. The unique kind of culinary delicacies will blow you off your feet! People from around the world, flock into Karaikudi for its one-of-a-kind dishes. From traditional to fast food, you will find different types of food varieties in the city. The place is apt for foodies from all around the world. The awesome food in Karaikudi will make you visit the city several times.

Food in Karaikkudi

Chettinadu Cuisine in Karaikudi

Nothing stands next to the taste of Chettinady Samayal. It is a world famous culinary, which has a history of 200 years. The world renowned dishes are made with a unique blend of spices and ingredients. Additionally, its traditional style of cooking sets it apart from many other cooking methods. Chettinadu Samayal techniques are handed down from several generations. Traditionally, Chettinadu Samayal is also known as Achi Samayal, which is done using a special kind of firewood. People believe that fumes from the firewood enhances the food's final taste and smell.

Restaurants in Karaikudi

Apart from its Chettinad Cuisine, Karaikudi has many restaurants with South Indian specials. The Chettinad Region is home to a wide range of flavors from the different states of Tamil Nadu. These bistros specialize in serving some of the spiciest and tastiest foods. The restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most of these dishes are served with rice. The scrumptious cuisine has many rice-based items like dosa and idli. In addition Karaikudi restaurants also have popular North Indian favourites like Tandoori and Butter Chicken, Naan and Various Tikka.

Vegetarian Meals in Karaikudi

Veg in Karaikkudi
Karaikudi's vegetarian feast would be a treat to your taste buds. The regional cuisine focuses on a special collection of Chettinad based Vegetarian dishes. The vegetarian meals are filled with lots of spice and auroma. Though the place is known for its non- vegetarian dishes, its vegetarian menu is also popular. Chettinadu vegetarian food mostly consists of Kara Kozhambu, a hot and spicy curry-based dish, Kurumakulambu a tasty curry with coconut, Vendakaimandi a sour curry with ladies fingers, Melagurasam a pepper based soup, Cooked Dhal, Ghee, Drumstick Sambar, and rasam few other exotic dishes. Additionally, the vegetarian meals are well known for its rice based tiffin varities like idiyappam, athirasam and paniyaram.

Non Vegetarian Meals in Karaikudi

Non-Veg in Karaikkudi‘One is lucky to eat like a Chettiar’, they say in the Southern part of the country. Chettiar food is a feast in itself. Their hospitality is legendary. Known for its spices and aromatic nature, Karaikudi has an endless collection of non vegetarian meals. The place is filled with restaurants that master the preparation of scrumptious dishes with hot, freshly grounded masalas. The non vegetarian meals in Karaikudi is restricted to chicken, fish, prawn, lobster, crab and lamb. The Chettiars of Karaikudi don't east Pork or beef. Famous non vegetarian food in Karaikudi includes mutton curry, chicken curry, Kdried-fish curry and egg curry.

Sweets in Karaikudi

Karaikudi has ancestors from England, Burma and Sri Lanka. It is interesting to note that the city has amazing sweets from each of these nations. Nevertheless, its Jigar Thanda – a delightful concoction of reduced milk is extremely popular. Well known sweets in the city would include sherbet, China grass's kalpasi, malt based chocolate drinks and many different types of ice creams to combat the heat. The local bakeries sell lots of sweets like buns, cakes and milk-based items. Apart from these, there are snack items like Adhirasam, Seepucheedai, Karuppatti Paniyaram, Cheeyam, Murukku, Maaurundai, Paalkozhlukattai, Manakolam, Theankuzhal, and much more.

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