Distance From Karaikudi to Nearby Cities

Karaikkudi is surrounded by many commercial and cultural destinations. Its strategic location helps people travel to various nearby places. It may be the busy streets of Madurai or Ooty's mountains, you can reach many cities, conveniently from Karaikkudi. The Chettinad town is well connected by rail and road. However, it would be very easy and convenient, if you are aware of the distance and time required to visit important places from the Heritage Town. Here is a quick overview on how long and how far various south Indian cities are from Karaikkudi.

Distance from Karaikkudi

Distance From Karaikkudi to Madurai

Distance : 108km
Time : 1 hr 50 min
Bus Fare : There are many buses from Karaikkudi New Bus Stand to Madurai. The bus fare starts from Rs. 333
Significance : Madurai is famous for its huge Hindu temples. Hindu devotees will definitely admire Madurai's magnificent temples. Additionally, Madurai is known for its Jasmine flowers.

Distance from Karaikudi to Trichy

Distance : 84 km
Time : 2 hr 2 min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 68
Significance :  Trichy is a very old city in South India. The place is well known for its historical monuments like the Jambukeswarar Temple, Rockfort and Ranganathaswamy temple. It was the early capital of Cholas.

Distance from Karaikudi to Coimbatore

Distance : 419
Time : 8hr 38 min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 335
Significance : Coimbatore is also known as the Manchester of South India. The place is a real textile hub, with many garment and textile industries.

Distance from Karaikudi to Chennai

Distance : 414.3km
Time : 6h 47 min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 250
Significance : Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu. The place is well known for its busy and lively nature.

Distance from Karaikudi to Bangalore

Distance : 349 km
Time : 7h 47 min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 645
Significance : Bangalore is another busy city with many IT companies and businesses. The place is developing almost every other day.

Distance from Karaikudi to Ooty

Distance : 328km
Time : 7 h 3 min
Bus Fare : There is no direct bus from Karaikkudi to Ooty. People should visit Ooty from trichy. Nevertheless, they can drive towards Ooty.
Significance : Ooty is known for its chill and relaxed climate. The place is scenic and extremely beautiful. It is an ideal travel destination.

Distance from Karaikudi to Rameshwaram

Distance : 135km
Time : 2 h 55 min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 75
Train :
16713 Rameswaram Exp Rs. 75
16101 Rameswaram Exp Rs. 135
16618 Rameswaram Exp Rs. 135
18496 Bbs Rmm Express Rs. 135
14260 Bsb Rmm Express Rs. 135
16862 Puducherry Exp Rs. 190   
16779 Tpty Rmm Exp Rs. 280
16181 Silambu Express Rs. 135
16101 Rameswaram Exp Rs. 135
Significance : Rameshwaram is known for its fishing sites. The place is close to sea. It has many villages and resorts.

Distance from Karaikudi to Sivakasi

Distance : 176km
Time : 3h
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs. 65
Significance : Sivakasi is famous for its fire crackers and small business establishments. The place features many industries that produce and distribute fire crackers.

Distance from Karaikudi to Palani

Distance : 162km
Time : 3h 18min
Bus Fare : Starts from Rs 550
Significance : Palani is extremely famous for its beautiful Lord Murugan Temple. Hindu devotees flock into the city during the months of April and May.

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