Devakkottai is a very important region in Karaikkudi. The town is a part of Chettinad's 76 villages. The first grade municipality is close to many big cities like Trichy and Rameshwaram. People who visit Karaikkudi tend to admire Devakkotai for its cultural and traditional elements.


History of Devakkotai

The term Devakkotai refers a Hindu god. Locally, it means "A Fort of Goddess", where Devi means Goddess and Kotai means Fort. History states that the very first generation in this town includes the Katranpurathur family. The family worshipped a god called Kottaiamman. Several centuries ago, Devakkotai was a forest. The Katranpurathur family cleared the forest, and cultivated in the rich soil. Even today, descendants from Katranpurathur family are present in Devakkotai.

Important Events in Devakkotai

According to locals and historical recordings, Devakkotai became an active town after Indian Independence. During the famous Quit India Movement act, Devakottai's Municipality Court was burnt down. Later during early 1990s, the municipality was rebuilt. Today, Devakkotai is a part of the Karaikkudi Constituency.

Culture in Devakkotai

Just like "Karaikkudi", Devakkotai is known for its cultural and traditional values. The town has many historical monuments and buildings. These buildings prove the existence of Katranpurathur. A very important festival in Devakkotai would be the "Kandar Sasti Vizha". The rich festival is conducted for more than 68 years. The event happens in the Nagara Sivan Kovil.


Famous People from Devakkotai

Devakkotai has three notable people, namely Charles Borromeo, A.R. Lakshmanan and Ramanathan. Charles Borromeo won a gold medal during Asian Games - 1982. He was awarded the Padma Shri and Arjuna Award by the Government of India. A.R. Lakshmanan is a Nagarathar, who was the first Supreme Court Judge from Devakkotai. Ramanathan is a well known comedian in the Tamil Cinema industry.

Food in Devakkotai

Devakkotai is extremely famous for its chicken. Most of Chettinad's chicken curries are made from Devakkotai Chicken. Chefs believe that Devakkotai chicken are treated with hale and hearty food. Many tourists visit Devakkotai for its scrumptious chicken varieties.

How to reach Devakkotai

By Bus : There are frequent buses from Karaikkudi to Devakkotai. The buses are depot in the old and new Karaikkudi bus stand.
By Rail : Trains that run from Chennai to Rameshwaram stop at Karaikkudi. Tourists should drive to Devakkotai from the Karaikkudi railway station.
By Air : The Trichy Airport is close to Devakkotai.

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