Chettinad a region in  Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu has more than 75 villages of which Karaikudi is one of them. Traditionally, it is well known for its high percentage of literacy. More than 91% of the people in Chettinad are educated. Historically, the town is home to Chettiaars alias Nagarathar. The city is filled with prosperous businessmen and banking communities. The history of Chettinad dates back to the early 19th century. The official language of Chettinad people is Tamil.


Chettinad Cuisine

Chettinad is famous for its traditional and spicy cuisine. Locally, Chettinad means "rich food". Individuals from the city are master chefs by birth. Chettinad cuisine is also known as "Achi Samayal". Famous curries from the city are spicy Chettinad chicken curry and vegetable thokku. As you step into Chettinad you will not fine pork or beef-based dishes anywhere because Chettinad people don't eat beef or pork. Moreover, Chettinad's Kara Kolambu and drumstick sambar, has a very long history. People, who enter Chettinad should taste its exquisite desserts like Aadi Kummayam and paal paniyaram.

Architecture in Chettinad

Just like its cuisine, Chettinad is also famous for its breath taking architecture. The place has mansions that are several centuries old. These mansions are built with spacious rooms and lavish courtyards. The mansions are decorated with fine marble and rich teak wood. The expensive construction items are imported from foreign nations in Eastern Asia and Europe. These decorative items tend to increase the net worth of Chettinad's splendid constructions. History states that Chettinad mansions have marble from Italy, crystals from Europe, wood from Burma and mirrors from Germany. The mansions are made of special limestone varieties. These stones are used to increase the lifespan of Chettinad mansions.

Temples in Chettinad

Chettinad's ancient temples were built by great Tamil dynasties like Cholas. These temples are living testimonies of South Indian beliefs and traditions. The temples are based in accordance with various Agamas and Vaastu Shastras. Chettinad Temples would have a separate tanks with lilies and lotuses. These flowers are used for local poojas and holy rituals. Famous temples in Chettinad are Kottaiyur Sivan, Vairavan Kovil, Kandanur Sivan temple and Karapaga Vinayakar Kovil. Vinayagar Chathurthi is a very important festival in Chettinad that is celebrated every year.

Chettinad architecture

Shopping in Chettinad

People who visit Chettinad should get hold of its hand made sarees. These cotton sarees are also known as "Kandangis". The saree features bright colors and symmetric patterns. Mostly, the hues would include red, green and blue. As the saree's weight and vibrance increases, it would be a lot more expensive.

Industry in Chettinad

Chettinad is home to Karaikkudi's only Central Electro Chemical Research Institute. CECRI is home to sincere research and findings. With more than 750 patents, CECRI is a hub for industrial growth.

How to reach Chettinad

By Bus : There are frequent buses from Karaikkudi to Chettinad. The buses are depot in the old and new Karaikkudi bus stand.
By Rail : Trains that run from Chennai to Rameshwaram stop at Karaikkudi. Tourists should drive to Chettinad from the Karaikkudi railway station.
By Air : The Madurai Airport and Trichy Airport is close to Chettinad.

Hotels in Chettinad

Chettinad Court Deshdan Resorts and Hotels
S.A.R.M House,Behind Rajas House, Kanadukathan(via) Karaikudi
Phone : 91-4565-273080
Price : Starts from 2900

Chidambara Villas
Ramachandrapuram, Kadiapatti, Off Thirumayam Fort Pudukkottai District Karaikudi 652002
Phone:+91 98 43 394533
Price : Starts from 7999

Chettinadu Mansion
S.A.R.M. House, (Behind Raja's Palace), T.K.R. Street, Kanadukathan
Phone: 04565 - 273080, 09443495598
Price : Starts from Rs. 5500

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