Visiting the Athangudi Tile Factory

Karaikudi is the biggest city in the Chettinad Region, the Sivagangai District. As the capital of Chettinad, the place is ventured for its tourism and culture. It is famous for its local cuisine and exotic mansions. Businessmen and industrialists tend to visit Karaikudi for its Athangudi tiles.

Athangudi Tiles

About Athangudi

Athangudi is a small village located near Karaikudi. The village is around 24 km from the heart of Karaikudi. It comes within the Chettinad region and is famous around the country for its handmade terracotta tiles. The tiles found here cannot be found anywhere else.

About Athangudi Tiles

A rare blend of the west and the east can be seen in the production of Athangudi Tiles. Durability has always been the prime concern and major area of focus during its production! Athangudi floor tiles scores above all others due to its eco-friendly nature and sustainable designs. Today, Athangudi is another name for floor tiles. The traditional method of production continues till date. This maintains the tile's actual legacy, royalty, originality and grandeur. Athangudi tiles have a mosaic-like look. However, it is mostly based on cement. The tiles are handmade over glass surfaces. These tiles were an integral part of the the Chettiar community. It is the pattern that gives the tiles its unique texture. The pattern are decorated with various colors. This makes the tile look attractive.

Visiting the Athangudi Tile Factory

It is possible to visit the tile factory in Athangudi where you can experience how tiles are made. The Athangudi tile factory is in a remote Chettinad village. The factory uses only hand-made techniques and natural colors with soil which has a history of 200 years. People can visit these factories and make customized tiles for their houses and lawns. These factories have made Athangudi an enterprising area, where tiles are their local craft and trademark.

Athangudi Tiles

Hotels near the Athangudi Tile Factory

Chettinadu Court
Kanadukathan, Karaikudi  - 630 103
Phone : +91 92111 77444
Distance : 15 km
Price : Starts at Rs. 3125

Chettinad Mansion
S A R M House, Karaikudi - 630 103
Phone : +91 92111 77444
Distance : less than 5 km
Price : Starts at Rs. 5125

How To reach Athangudi

By Bus : Many Buses from The old and new Bus stand drive towards Athangudi.
By Rail:
Following Trains stop in Karaikudi Railway Junction:

6701 & 6702 travels between Chennai and Rameshwaram
6713 & 6714 travels between Chennai and Rameshwaram
4259 & 4260 travels between Varanasi and Rameshwaram
8495 & 8496 travels between Bhubaneshwar and Rameshwaram
829SR & 832SR travels between Trichy and Rameshwaram
830SR & 831SR travels between Trichy and Karaikudi
861SR & 863SR travels between Karaikudi and Thiruvarur
You should reach Karaikudi by these trains and drive to Athangudi.

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